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Stay ahead of the payment game

Are you looking for information about payment trends and their potential? Download our white papers listed below and find out how to stay ahead of the payment game. They give you compact in-depth background knowledge, tips, and effective suggestions for your industry.

10 min • June, 29 2021

White paper

10 min • October, 27 2020

Travel Payment Solutions

How the travel industry is meeting rising customer demands

Traveling to success with digitalization

Are you looking for information about payment trends in the travel and tourism industry? A dynamic market and increasing customer expectations are giving the travel and tourism industry opportunities to soar above the competition all around the world. With a targeted digitalization strategy, you can improve customer satisfaction and your efficiency.

Read our white paper to find out how you can deploy travel payment solutions profitably:

  • Create a comfortable travel experience for your passengers.
  • Bolster customer loyalty with benefits and discounts.
  • Offer customized payment methods for travel.
  • Manage risks better and prevent fraud.

Download our free white paper “Travel Payment Solutions: How the Travel Industry is meeting rising Customer Demands”.

10 min • June, 30 2021

White paper

10 min • October, 27 2020

Beyond Omnichannel

Optimizing payment processes at online and offline POS

Seize the opportunity of cross-border commerce

Every customer has a preferred way to pay. Design payment strategies that work. Traditional solutions were yesterday. The future belongs to omnichannel payment solutions, mobile payment apps, rewards, loyalty and more. And it seems that the future of payments, especially combining online and POS solutions, is starting today.

Read our white paper to learn how to attract more buyers and boost your conversion rates by offering the right mix of payment options.

  • Enable shoppers to pay in the way they want to.
  • Boost your conversion rates and sales.
  • Add value with intelligent linking services.
  • Go with omnichannel solutions that work both online and at the POS.

Download our free white paper “Beyond Omnichannnel: Optimizing Payment Processes at Online and Offline POS“.