Payment methods

Let your customers pay with the payment methods they love

Getnet supports a unified API for cards, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), direct debits, and more.

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Cards are a popular way for customers and businesses to pay online or in person. When merchants integrate cards schemes, you can begin to accept a variety of card brands without having to configure any additional settings. We are constantly adding new card schemes.
Bank redirects allow customers to pay online through their bank account. A popular payment method that reduces fraud, improves the customer´s experience and is easy to integrate.

With direct debits, the merchant can authorize the funds to be debited directly from the customer’s bank account for both one-off and recurring purchases. Direct debits are often used by:

  • Businesses collecting recurring payments from other businesses.
  • Retailers and service businesses that want a low-cost alternative to cards for large customer payments, like rent or tuition fees.

What is SEPA?

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a European Union initiative to simplify payments within and across member countries. They established and enforced banking standards to allow for every EUR-denominated bank account within the SEPA region to be debited directly. To debit an account, businesses must collect their customer´s name and bank account number in IBAN format. During the payment flow, customers must accept a mandate that gives the business authorization to debit the account.

Value-Store Wallets

Give your customer a secure way to pay using their valued-stored wallets. Through a stored balance or a saved card, wallets provide a secure and fast experience that the customer can control and enjoy.