Payment methods

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Getnet supports a unified API for cards, Alternative Payment Methods (APMs), direct debits, and more.

Cards are a popular way for customers and businesses to pay o nline or in person. When you integrate a card scheme, you can easily accept new and more card brands wi thout having to configure any additional settings.

 With direct debits, the merchant can authorize funds to be debited from the customer´s bank account for one-off and recurring purchases on a so-called mandate. This mandate is accepted form your customers during checkout and the permission granted to debit their account. Particularly for customers in the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) region, this established banking standard is one of the most popular payment methods and was created to simplify payments within and across the European Union and UK.

Direct debits are often used by:
  • Businesses collecting recurring payments from other businesses
  • Retailers seeking guaranteed payment through flexible payment schemes, like BNPL
  • Businesses seeking a low cost alternative to cards for large customer payments (e.g. rents)
Bank redirects allow customers to pay online through their
bank account. A popular payment method that reduces
fraud, improves the customer´s experience and is easy to

 Open Invoice 

Give your customers the opportunity to pay later after receiving their goods and services. Open Invoice and deferred payment options help merchants benefit from higher conversion rates and convert higher value shopping carts into more turnover and liquidity. Getnet and its partners offer Open Invoice solutions which can look and feel just like your shop, with 100% guaranteed merchant payout and zero credit default. 

Value-Store E-Wallets 

Give your global customers a secure way to pay using their value-stored-wallets online, in-app and in-store. Through a stored balance or saved card, e-wallets provide a secure and seamless user experience. Your customers can pay quick and easily with no need to fill out lengthly forms for card and shipping details. As a result digital wallets can help to boost your conversion rate, increases purchase frequency and give you access to a huge user base with millions of new potential customers.

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