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Offer all the payment methods your customers want. Simplify your payments by accepting major credit, debit cards and alternative payment methods for a secure and smooth payment experience.

Shopper interfaces

Choose from a range of checkout integration options all the way down to a comprehensive API-based solution. Build an optimum checkout experience for your customers that works across browsers and devices.
  • Make integration easy with the Getnet payment pages. Our payment page solution lets you collect shopper payment quickly and securely, and you get a fully responsive design for mobile devices as well. Getnet hosts all the sensitive data – you only need to meet minimum requirements to be fully PCI DSS compliant.



    A standalone payment page hosted independently from your checkout page. The shopper is redirected to a Getnet payment gateway to finish the checkout process.



    The payment screen is displayed directly on your checkout page as an overlay. A payment page form is rendered over your checkout page as a modal window.



    Your checkout page is incorporated into Getnet´s payment page so it appears native in your website. Payment form appears native to your website but is still being hosted by Getnet. This solution provides a seamless shopping experience for web-shoppers.


    Payment Page Designer

    The Getnet Payment Page Designer allows you to customize the checkout interface: set the background, colors, fonts, logos for a cohesive look that meets your preferences and suits your corporate design. No development or programming needed.

  • Our API-based solution enables you to collect sensitive payment information using customizable User Interface (UI) components. By implementing customized payment flows you can minimize user error and increase the number of successful payments.
  • Alternative checkout option that allows you to send a payment link to the shopper directing him/her to a checkout payment page, where it is possible to enter cardholder data and, if necessary, authenticate the payment via 3D Secure (3DS).

Payment Methods

Check out how your customers can pay smoothly, securely, easily, on the go, by choosing all popular payment methods they know and trust. Each payment method can be integrated individually and has a common checkout experience. Once you have integrated a specific payment method, it´s easy to add more payment methods with minimal changes to your existing integration.
  • Cards are a popular way for consumers and businesses to pay online or in-store. When you integrate with cards schemes, you can begin to accept a variety of card brands without any additional configuration. Available: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Vpay, American Express. Coming soon: JCB, China Union Pay, Diners, Discover.
  • With direct debit, you can debit the funds directly from your customer’s bank account for one-off and recurring purchases. Direct debits are often used by;  Businesses collecting recurring payments from other businesses.
     Retail and services businesses that want a low-cost alternative to cards for large consumer payments, like rent or tuition fees.

    Available: SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA Credit.

  • Bank redirects let customers pay online using their bank account, using a secure, intuitive checkout flow. Bank redirects can help you improve conversion and reduce fraud.

  • Wallets provide a fast and secure way for consumers to pay using a saved card or a stored balance. Wallets improve conversion rates and reduce fraud, especially on mobile devices.
    Shoppers confirm the transaction by authenticating their wallet credentials at the checkout. If they are using their mobile device, they can authenticate with their fingerprint, use facial recognition, their mobile passcode, or log into their wallet app. On the internet, they can also scan a QR code with their mobile phone to complete the transaction.

    Available: Paypal, Alipay Cross Border (e-commerce).

  • Shoppers or other businesses can pay by bank transfers to send money directly to your bank account. We offer Payment on Invoice and Payment in Advance with a reconciliation.

Mobile Interfaces

Software Development Kits (SDKs) give you the freedom to build your own custom integration. Our platform will take care of the processing side of the transaction, and return tokenized payment information to you.
  • Through hosted payment pages securely stored on our PCI servers, shopper card details are captured securely using SSL certificates.
    You will also be able to personalize the payment page with your logo and colors. Responsive mobile checkouts are ideal for building trust and increasing conversion rates.

Optimize payments and the payment methods you offer to your customers through our authentication and authorization technology regardless of the preferred payment type. Our risk management tools will help you to fight fraud in an integrated and convenient way.

Processing capabilities

Power your business with one-off payments, recurring payments, omni-channel, multi-acquiring capabilities or process data specifically for airlines, Getnet supports any business model.

  • Our APIs let you design a secure and customized payment flow for one-off payments. Check it our some of our functionality on offer:

    Two-step authorization and capture process enables you, the merchant, to capture payments either automatically or manually, based on the availability of goods.

    Occasionally, you may need to retry a payment due to a disrupted API call such as a network error or timeout.

    Use Refund to return payment to a customer, e.g.for returned goods.

    In case you have to cancel a transaction you can use Void to refer to the original transaction.

    You can adjust the payment amount before it’s been captured to implement tipping or other use cases.

    Card Account Verification
    Verify the shopper´s card credentials without compromising the card´s limit.

    Soft (or Dynamic) descriptor
    Ability to modify the descriptor that gets printed on the shopper’s credit card statement on a per-transaction basis.

    Hold the transaction authorization up to 30 days, the confirmed amount for the sale may be lower or higher than the original pre-authorization.

  • Automatically update expired cards, re-submit failed payments and set up recurring transactions.

    Merchant can use tokens to support recurring transactions, one click feature without the need to store the actual PAN. Merchants can securely store several payment details per shopper.

    Account updater
    Request updates to card information with Account Updater services.

    Max re-submits
    Automatically retries declined shopper-not-present transactions.

Fraud & Disputes

Use the Getnet Fraud Prevention Solution to apply technology that actually detects and blocks fraud for any type of business. Stop blocking legitimate customers right now.
  • Our solution makes decisions based on real-time deep pattern analysis of all transactions, discovering complex connections between several data parameters. Getnet Fraud Prevention solution helps detect and block fraud for any type of business using machine learning.

    Transaction linking:
    Link transaction data and identities across the entire network

    • Recognize fraudulent behaviors in real time
    • Recognize attempts to manipulate data
    • Recognize genuine returning customers based on different data to increase conversion rates

    Rule configurator:

    • Modify the settings in your Fraud Prevention Solution to your specific business model
    • Create rules using data from created endpoints / payment responses, along with already collected data (IP/email/device, etc.)
    • Different configurable outcomes (add scoring, reject, send to manual case review, notifications, demo)
    • Create whitelisting scoring/rules for genuine customers to increase conversion rates.
    • Use custom and global blacklisting.
    • Change requests quickly applied by the Getnet team.
    • Create new endpoints instantly

    Case management:
    Not all transactions can be assessed reliably in real time. Rely on the Getnet Case Management solution and be flexible according to your specific business needs

    • Check transactions based on your specific configuration logic
    • Customize settings for manual case intervention
    • Adjust case management settings
    • Possibility to make quick bulk decisions
    • Black or whitelist your customers
    • Configure rules/scoring based on the analysts’ decisions
    • Export list of cases

    Device fingerprint:
    Identify the actual devices that your customers are using

    • Going beyond the IP address gives additional valuable information
    • Identifies the actual device—fixed web and/or mobile
    • Integrated into Getnet´s Fraud Prevention Solution and Getnet Payment Pages
    • Adds several additional levels of transaction linking to recognize fraudulent or genuine transactions
    • Recognizes more than 99% of unique devices

    Hotlist management
    Use past history to evaluate customers specifically, manageable in the Getnet Merchant Portal for several parameters such as device IDs, BIN countries, card types and numbers, IP addresses, and more.

    Machine learning
    Achieve unmatched risk scoring efficiency by using machine learning engine’s tools.

    • Faster risk assessment by identifying patterns in data quickly
    • Enhanced automation leads to fewer manual case reviews
    • Models are constantly updated with new data and feature extraction
    • Whether it can be applied depends on the business model
  • Additional authentication can help separate customers from fraudsters. Decide when to request 3D Secure for your customers to optimize conversion rates
    3D Secure 2 allows you and to send more data elements on each transaction to the cardholder’s bank. This includes payment-specific data like the shipping address, as well as contextual data, such as the customer’s device ID or previous transaction history.
    Getnet 3D Secure solution support rules for example based on:

    • Credit card brand, BIN ranges, issuer countries
    • Transaction amount, currency, country
    • Customer address, zip codes, shipping info
    • Merchant custom fields
  • Rely on the in-house experience of Getnet in managing fraud prevention.

    Managed services
    We manage your risk strategy, allowing you to focus on your business

    Performance optimization
    Team of experts constantly monitoring and optimizing fraud prevention settings to ensure the best performance

    KPI reports
    Ad-hoc reports to keep you up to date

    Market templates
    Fraud rule sets can be applied specifically to specific business models such as airlines, travel, mobility, retail

  • In addition to payment processing the Risk Management platform offers services to mitigate the risk of payment default when flexible loans (credit lines) are offered to customers.

    Address verification
    Verify the address is correct. It is checked whether the address actually exists and will return a corrected and unified version.

    Consumer identification
    Verifies whether the requested person is known at the given address, city.

    Consumer scoring
    Returns a score that indicates the probability of non-payment. If the person has a negative score, additional information will be sent back.

    Sanction list
    The latest sanction lists published by all relevant sources (EU and United States) for compliance checks regarding trade restrictions.

    Credit limit calculations
    Based on external score and verified information, a credit limit can be calculated as a recommendation for the merchant.

    Trust Evaluation Suite (TES)
    TES enables merchant to identify consumers with a higher risk of non-payment, and helps to identify high-potential customers. TES builds customer history to avoid unnecessary requests from external credit agencies.

  • Based on the type of chargeback and transaction disputes you need to process, Getnet will support you by submitting the evidence that will help you to manage the dispute process.

Revenue Optimization

With Getnet every transaction takes the best possible path available to optimize merchant revenues, and minimize costs and fraud. Getnet authentication and authorization capabilities allow you to apply smart logic to maximize conversion rates and improve customer experience. Getnet also offers direct connections to VISA, Mastercard among others card schemes, optimizes the routing paths while reducing transaction latency.
  • To deal with the requirements of PSD2 and improve authentication of online transactions, EMVco, an organization consisting of representatives from major card schemes and payment industry leaders, created the 3DSecure protocol to make authentication frictionless and secure. Through 3DSecure 2. more dynamic data points will be used to verify users’ identities. So, instead of relying on the traditional ‘Something you know’ (that ever-evasive password), your customers can combine ‘Something they own’ such as a mobile device, with ‘Something they are’ like a fingerprint, to comply with “two factor authentication”.
  • Each transaction is instantly analyzed by the Getnet processing engine and routed to the most relevant card scheme or APM provider based on more than a dozen of parameters. As we know every penny counts for your business, we are connected directly to the card schemes so you can have direct access to transaction payment responses, which helps you to identify card-types and what banks may be representing the highest decline rates for your business.

    Merchant Account Resolving
    Allows the merchant to create a transaction without a specific Merchant Account ID (MAID) present at the time of the transaction request. The MAID used for payment is automatically calculated by the payment processor engine during payment processing. A calculation is based on resolving rules, such as routing based on credit card brand
    routing based on amount
    routing based on custom parameters
    routing based on payment method

Automates the cash reconciliation process to match payments and refunds. Get reconciliation reports that helps you match the payouts you receive in your bank account with payment transactions so you can keep your business up and running.


Getnet helps you to get paid easily once a transaction has been settled, even with cross payment methods and currencies. Perform multicurrency payouts in selected regions, get paid out in your currency. You can also manage upcoming deposits and manage payout dates from Getnet dashboard.
  • Our payment platform supports most used currencies, letting international shoppers pay with their preferred payment method. You get paid in your preferred currency, by choosing from a selection of available settlement currencies.
  • Get paid on a daily, weekly or on a monthly basis. You, the merchant will have access to our graphical dashboard to manage future settlement dates as well as to manage your payout history. To do the changes you need to contact the support center.


Get a single, integrated view of cash flow, increase the efficiency of financial reviews, transaction and fee queries. Files are provided on Getnet SFTP server. Reconciliation files are delivered on a daily basis in .csv format.
  • Reconciliation reporting for cards: there are different kind of report files available, such as transactions from the last 24 hours which initiated a successful debit or credit of the card account, reconciliation files for alternative payment methods (APMs) containing all payment methods delivered on a daily basis in.csv format.

Getnet is fully PCI DSS compliant. The core of everything we do is to ensure that our merchants can have secured solutions that minimizes the efforts to process and store sensitive data. Our primary goal is to guarantee confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems as well as our merchants data.

PCI and Data Security

Getnet platform meets all PCI DSS Level 1 certifications, and is PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant. We take care of security and compliance measures on the payment level so you can keep your business safe. If you want to know more about the PCI clik  here.
  • Getnet is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most demanding level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Getnet.
  • All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of our internal servers can obtain plaintext card numbers. Getnet infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in a separate hosting environment, and doesn’t share any credentials with any primary services (API, website).
  • The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a European regulation that creates a more open, competitive, and secure payments landscape across Europe. Strong Customer Authentication requirements are part of PSD2. SCA is a combination of three elements to authenticate a payment, something you know, own, and are, created to make online payments more secure. For example: a password, your phone, your fingerprint. When an European shopper makes a payment, extra levels of authentication may be required at the time of the transaction. Nowadays with PSD2 regulations, more information will be required to authenticate online transactions.
  • EMVco, an organization consisting of representatives from major card schemes and payment industry leaders, created the 3DSecure 2 protocol with the objective to make authentication frictionless and secure. Through 3DSecure 2. more dynamic data points will be used to verify users’ identities. So, instead of relying on the traditional ‘Something you know’ (that ever-evasive password), your customers can combine ‘Something they own’ such as a mobile device, with ‘Something they are’ like a fingerprint, using what is called as “two factor authentication”.

Quickly and smoothly access all transactional information across different payment types, countries and currencies. Get instant access to extracts, invoices and regulatory data on the go.

Getnet Merchant Portal

We know information is power to your business! View and manage all your data via the Getnet Merchant Portal. Get a detailed view of of your payment flows, understand the key reasons behind any card approval and rejection.
  • Get detailed statistics on cards and alternative payment methods. Search for specific criteria such as the status of 3D Secure transactions, which country the transaction originated from, merchant identifier, account ID, and many other search filters.
  • Search and manage all refunds, chargebacks & disputes. Create and select filters easily from a drop-down list. Based on your selected criteria, your Merchant Portal database will automatically perform basic and advanced searches and give you results, such as chargebacks which have a changed status in the last 7 days, new chargebacks and ones which will expire. Simple search dialog tabs help you to find and manage chargebacks easily, based on your organizational entities or merchant accounts of your merchant structure.
  • Track, manage and review all possible fraudulent charges anytime, anywhere, on the go.
    Get full control over the transaction, and get access to a variety of transaction risk management parameters, such as IP & device data, customer address and transaction scoring, consumer data, credit limit and payment data.
  • Manage data access for your team to create permission for business and technical roles correctly, so that business information and actions are protected. Track recent activity on the Getnet Merchant Portal administration profile so you can see what any of your team has done.
  • Special authentication methods to ensure your Getnet Merchant Portal accounts are protected and secure.
  • Invoices are generated based on the billing cycle (daily, weekly, monthly). Reports for aggregated credits, debits, fees etc.
    Statements are generated for each invoice (follows the invoice cycle) and contain detailed information about payout amounts and reserves.