Merchant Portal

Manage payments in a single integrated payment platform on the portal

View and manage all your data through the Merchant Portal. Get a detailed view of your payment flows, understand the key reasons behind any card approval and decline.

Power up your business and get ahead of the competition with instant access to reports on transactions, received payments and reasons behind card approval or decline.

Understand the reasons behind decline rates and keep your business up to date. As we are connected directly to the card schemes you can have VIP access to transaction payment responses, which helps you to identify card types and which issuers may be representing the highest decline rates for your business.

Graphical dashboards

Manage your business on the go


Cards & APM Statistics

Get detailed statistics on cards and alternative payment methods


Refunds and Dispute management

Manage refunds, chargebacks and disputes


Manage risk transactions

Track, manage and review all possible fraudulent charges anytime, anywhere, on the go



Build customized payment pages with our out of the box solutions or via our API.

Payment methods

Let your customers pay how they want to pay.

Risk & fraud

Detect and block fraud, stop blocking genuine shoppers now.

Merchant portal

View and manage all your data. Get instant reports on payments received, captured and refunds.

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